Blind time: ‘She’s funny, friendly and gorgeous’ | relationship |

John on Bridie

Just what happened to be you longing for?

To meet somebody new with similar passions.

First thoughts?

Extremely good. Any pre-match nerves were eliminated rapidly.

Just what did you speak about?

We’ve the same style in songs, so we spoke a fair little bit about this.

Any shameful times?

I could have spilled an espresso on my self, and I also nearly dropped along the stairways.

Great dining table manners?


Most sensible thing about Bridie?

She is an incredibly beautiful person.

Could you present the woman your buddies?


Describe her in three words

Funny, friendly, gorgeous.

What exactly do you might think she made of you?

an amusing, clumsy, fussy eater.

Do you carry on someplace?

She took me to a rooftop club for a nightcap with a fantastic view of London.

And… do you kiss?

Somewhat peck regarding the cheek whenever saying goodbye.

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Any time you could transform a factor regarding the evening, what can it is?

Once I told Bridie my father works in a hospital but I wasn’t sure of their work name, she egged me personally onto ring him and have. Looks like he is a healthcare associate, in which he got the mick while I told him I happened to be out with a nurse.

Markings of 10?


Can you satisfy once again?

Yes, regardless of if it is simply striking a gig with each other some time.

Bridie on Jonathan

What happened to be you dreaming about?

A person who would make myself have a good laugh.

1st thoughts?

Breaking Irish accent.

Just what do you talk about?

Non-football fans just who love the entire world Cup, London renting horror tales and near-death experiences.

Any shameful moments?

John’s face when he realised we were in a vegetarian restaurant; myself seeking a doggy bag.

Great dining table ways?

He was a genuine guy.

Most sensible thing about John?

He was easy to speak with, we lost monitoring of time.

Do you really present him towards pals?

He had been once a contestant on
The Chase
, thus my personal uni friends would want him.

Describe him in three terms

Genuine, easygoing, amusing.

Precisely what do you imagine the guy made from you?

That I am enthusiastic about my dog; he sat patiently as I scrolled through photographs.

Did you go on someplace?

To a roof club.

And… did you kiss?


Should you could alter the one thing towards night, what would it is?

A few more carnivore solutions.

Markings off 10?


Would you satisfy again?

Yes – I think i’ve found my brand-new concert buddy.